Madrid – Eat in Lavapiés Lesbian Friendly

                                                                                     Madrid – Eat in Lavapiés Lesbian Friendly Do you live in Madrid or are you sightseeing in Lavapiés and want to find lesbian-friendly places? Well, we’ll tell you that Lavapiés is full of places to eat and snack. From La Berenjena with a delicious menu to La Oveja Negra, a vegan restaurant with a […]

Carmen Laforet y Elena Fortún. De corazón y alma

                                                                                                     No te pierdas ningún evento, pincha en la  Agenda LGBT Carmen Laforet y Elena Fortún. De corazón y alma (1947-1952) Editado por la Fundación Banco Santander es la  correspondencia entre dos escritoras excepcionales. 46 cartas en busca del sentido de la vida, cartas literarias, espirituales, cartas de amor… Carmen Laforet, la autora de NADA, tenía […]

Velvet Ibiza – The Lesbian Paradise

Visit Our  TravelQueers Events Calendar Velvet Ibiza. The Lesbian Paradise Velvet Ibiza is an international meeting held since 2014 and brings together women from all over the world. It is an initiative of Carine De Mesmaeker that since 2010 organizes the Velvet 69 super party in Brussels. This feast also attracts women from all over Europe. This […]

The Dinah Festival – The world’s biggest lesbian festival

The Dinah Festival, officially called the Dinah Shore Weekend Skirts Club is the largest Girls Party Music Festival in the world. In 1991, nightlife promoter Mariah Hanson booked a local museum space to throw a party over the weekend of a ladies professional golf tournament in Palm Springsand her event turned out to be such […]

L-Beach Festival

Visit Our Travel Queers Events Calendar L-BEACH is a seaside Lesbian Festival that has been held for eight years at the North German holiday resort “Weissenhäuser Strand”. From April 13 to April 15, 2018 It is a unique festival and holiday weekend for women from around the world, no matter if lesbian, hetero, bi, and […]

Madrid for Lesbians. Lesbian Nightlife in Lavapiés

Madrid for lesbians. Lesbian Nightlife in Lavapiés  At the beginning of the 90’s, when Chueca began as an LGTB neighborhood and opened up bars, shops and restaurants decorated with the Rainbow flag, Lavapiés was already a Lesbian Friendly neighborhood. At that time I lived in Lavapiés and frequented the premises, run by women, who changed […]

Lesbianas. Discursos y representaciones – Raquel Platero (ed)

“Lesbianas. Discursos y Representaciones” de Raquel Platero (ed) Editado por Editorial melusina Lesbianas. Discursos y representaciones – Raquel Platero (ed) es un libro coral imprescindible. En este recorrido preciso y sistemático por la historia reciente del lesbianismo en nuestro país, autoras de la más diversa procedencia, con un background intelectual y emocional que converge exclusivamente […]