ARN LGTBQI Culture Pride – Tenerife

The LGBTQI Cultural Festival of Arona – Tenerife

The ARN LGTBQI Culture Pride festival was presented at the ITB international fair in Berlin by Arona City Councilor David Pérez, who highlighted “the diversity and richness of the LGTBQI culture” and the international character of the event.

ARN Culture Pride 2018


ARN LGTBQI CULTURE & BUSINESS PRIDE, to be held in the municipality of Tenerife, ARONA from June 5 to 1, 2017, in the environment of the beach of the Americas.

Arts Lifestyle & Shopping Tenerife - Travelqueers


The festival’s headquarters will be Arts Lifestyle & Shopping, located on a sunset-oriented peninsula and surrounded by the two best beaches on the island, on the sea front and next to the “Golden Mile” South of Tenerife.



It is the first Spanish festival dedicated to culture, business, tourism and the rights of lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual, queer and intersexual people, making it a meeting and reflection point for some of the most representative personalities in the struggle And the thought of sexual diversity around the world.

The detailed program of festival activities can be found at ARN Culture Pride.

ARN Culture Pride.

                                                 ARN Networking


ARN Culture Pride. ARN networking

                                                 ARN Beach Conferences

ARN Culture Pride. ARN Beach Conferences

                                                 ARN Sunsets & Leisure

ARN Culture Pride. ARN sunsets & leisure

                                                 ARN Coaching

ARN Culture Pride. ARN Coaching

All festival activities are free (with some concerts) and sustainable.

At the ARN Music Festival you can enjoy country rock with Alicia Ramos and at ARN Sunsets of electronic music with Eme DJ.

The ARN LGTBQI Culture Pride proposes an exchange for the growth of the LGTBIQ platform through culture, technology, business, science and art.

We leave you the presentation video of the ARN LGTBQI Culture Pride… to prepare the trip !!!!!


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