Cineffable, film for and by lesbian women

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CINEFFABLE (Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival), film for and by lesbian women, is a festival that arose in 1989 from the insufficient presence of films on lesbian themes at the International Women’s Film Festival of Créteil.

This year the 29th edition is being held, making it one of the longest-running alternative festivals in Europe.

Watch the video presentation of the festival.

Cineffable will be held from 2 to 5 November 2017

Access is only allowed to women, so the French government does not grant any subsidies for discriminating against the male public.

This is why the entire festival organization, from the snacks at the bar, the ticket office and the bookkeeping to the viewing, the search for films (which is not easy at all) translation, subtitled by volunteers. So, from their website, they call on the attendees to also help for 2 hours a day in various tasks during the festival.

CINEFFABLE is more than just a film festival, it’s a week of encounters between women, most of them lesbians, in which you can enjoy exhibitions, round tables, activities such as Tango Queer classes, as well as the best lesbian and feminist cinema of all continents and all narrative aspects.

Cineffable Travelqueers

It is a multicultural and enriching experience in which I have been able to participate on two occasions, the first as a volunteer and the second as director of a short film selected.

I encourage them that if you plan to go to Paris, you’ll take that into account. It will take place between 2 and 5 November.

For those that you are there, you can download the hand program and enjoy this edition.

And if you are in Madrid between October 26th and November 12th, don’t miss the 22nd edition of  LesGaiCineMad

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