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The Europeanlesbianconference has just launched a European and Central Asian survey on lesbian women. The survey is in English and needs to be disseminated among the lesbian community in Spain so that lesbians living in Spain (Spanish or not) are also part of this large sample.

Next April, from 12 to 14, in Kiev (Ukraine), the 2nd edition of the Europeanlesbianconference will be held, of which Kika Fumero is the Research Director.

Among the participants in this survey will be drawn two tickets to the Congress, which will unveil the results of it.

This survey is a continuation of the Brief report on lesbian life in (parts of) Europe: Discrimination and Health and the research by Kika Fumero and Marta Fernández. Herraiz, entitled: “What are lesbian women like?

The main objective of the Europeanlesbianconference with this survey is to collect data directly from lesbians based in Europe and Central Asia.

On the one hand, the questions in this survey will help to capture lesbian experiences in different regions and in different aspects, such as: violence, health, discrimination, decision making and political participation, visibility and family. On the other hand, some questions will inform about the scope of lesbian-led initiatives in each region and the expectations that participants would have of a European and Central Asian lesbian network.

We remind you that the questionnaire is in English, so it is necessary to check it in order to carry it out, although personal experiences can be written in Spanish if they feel more comfortable, then they will translate them.

In order to achieve this objective, they need our answers and contributions. With our help they will be able to know more about us. Completing the survey will only take 7 minutes! Thank you in advance for taking the time and for your valuable contribution!

¡¡¡From Travelqueers we encourage you to participate!!!


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