Madrid – Eat in Lavapiés Lesbian Friendly

                                                                                     Madrid – Eat in Lavapiés Lesbian Friendly

Do you live in Madrid or are you sightseeing in Lavapiés and want to find lesbian-friendly places?

Well, we’ll tell you that Lavapiés is full of places to eat and snack. From La Berenjena with a delicious menu to La Oveja Negra, a vegan restaurant with a Queer audience…

Lavapiés is full of places to eat and snack.

For a few years, the physiognomy of the neighborhood has varied and has been filled with Indian restaurants. Both Lavapiés and Ave Maria streets are a good example.

Where to eat in Lavapiés … We are going to talk about the places taken by women who are “lesbianfriendly”, although the neighborhood itself is absolutely friendly.

Oveja Negra Taberna Vegana

Vegetarian restaurant that has a bar area, where you can have a vegan beer or an ecological wine, and an area with tables, where you can taste the tempting dishes that make up your menu.

La Oveja Negra - Travelqueers

At a good price we offer a great variety of dishes such as curried soy stuffed peppers, peppers and hummus, salad seeds, quinoa burgers or vegetable mincemeat with muffin bread, chorivegano a cider, hummus Or nachos with guacamole.

The best … contemplate the gluten-free option and the prices of the dishes oscillate between 4 and 6.5 euros.


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Como Vaca Sin Cencerro

Tapas restaurant, with a good wine selection and quiet atmosphere. The music is at a volume that allows you to chat and the deal is very close, it gives you the feeling that you are in your house.

como vaca sin cencerro - Travelqueers

Homemade and creative cuisine. A good alternative, good dishes at a very good price.

And… you can go with your do… it’s dogfriendly.

54, Olivar Street – Lavapiés – Madrid

It opens from Tuesday to Thursday in the evenings and Friday, Saturday and Sunday noon and night.

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El Gallinero Bar

The Gallinero was born in 2011 by three partners who wanted to offer a new concept in Lavapiés.

With the idea of ​​offering not only a bar of atmosphere but a bar with a marked cultural activity where exhibitions, workshops, shorts projections and any other interesting activity has room.

El Gallinero Bar Madrid - TravelqueersCalle San Carlos 6, 28012, Madrid

In the Gallinero can be chopped toasts and varied rations, take from the reeds and always wine to all kinds of cocktails.

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Leaving the neighborhood of Lavapiés we find La Latina, an area that concentrates many restaurants and tapas bars, among these, we recommend you…

La taberna errante

It is located on the fringes of that circuit of tapas that crosses La Latina and that tourists travel every condition every weekend. Still it is more than advisable to book a table if you want to eat / dine those days.

La taberna errante - Madrid Dónde comer8, San Francisco Career,28005, Madrid

After the entrance opens a small room with a few tables. It is humble and welcoming. And in good weather they get another four tables out on the street.

You feel at home thanks to the kind treatment and generosity of Elena, Jopi and Lola. Their fish, their meats, their rice, their tapas are great but… the Russian salad is one of the best in Madrid.


                                                                         If you want to keep up to date with lesbian events click  Agenda LGBT

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