LGBTQI Exhibitions – World Pride Madrid 2017

In the framework of cultural activities scheduled for the celebration of Gay Pride, the World Pride Madrid 2017, we find a series of LGBTQI exhibitions developed by different museums, art galleries and exhibition halls of Madrid.


The Other’s Gaze. Spaces of difference

The Prado Museum, between June 14 and September 10, 2017, proposes a tour of its permanent collection based on an itinerary in which, through its works, contemplate the historical reality of the sentimental relations between Persons of the same sex and non-normative sexual identities.

Prado - La mirada del otro. Espacios para la diferencia - Travelqueers


Inclusive Love

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, between June 23 and July 2, 2017, proposes the itinerary Amor Diverso; a chronological tour, from Bronzino to Hockney, with a different look from the works to approach concepts such as identity and sexual orientation.

nacimineto de venus - rodin - Travelqueers


Queer Cabinet

The National Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid, between June 2 and July 2, 2017, through the exhibition Queer Cabinet, proposes a rereading of a selection of pieces from his collection, facing a work of the museum and another of the visual artist David Trullo. The selection is based on classical themes developed by artists since ancient times, and they have had a decisive influence on the construction of the imaginary and Western homoerotic identity. It establishes a dialogue or a confrontation, so that the pieces are redefined and propose other readings, from a queer perspective.

Safo - Queer Cabinet - Travelqueers


Trans Program

The Museum of America, between May 17 and September 24, 2017, proposes the Trans Program, composed of four photographic exhibitions and a temporary exhibition dealing with transsexuality from an anthropological, historical and artistic perspective. They add a series of conferences and musical and theatrical activities.

Programa Trans - Museo de América - Travelqueers


Queer Archive? Imaginaries of Action and Pleasure. Madrid 1989-1999

The cultural center Conde Duque, between May 27 and September 24, 2017, offers us the sample ¿Queer Archive? Imaginaries of action and pleasure. Madrid 1989-1999.

Started by Fefa Vila Núñez, Sejo Carrascosa, Andres Senra and Lucas Platero during a research residence at the Reina Sofía Museum, ¿Queer Archive? Is an open repository consisting of images, publications, videos and texts. The Archive is a palimpsest that attempts to subvert the heterocentered and patriarchal forms of categorization through its own constitution and exposition, questioning the way in which knowledge and experience are both archived and reported. In this sense, the materials are articulated around five thematic groups that seek to rescue the historical, social, affective, aesthetic and emotional dimensions of an activism that is committed to putting one’s life at the center of its politics: Body / Memory / Policies of life and death / The radicality of language / Feast.

Archivo Queer - Travelqueers


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