Fulanita de Tal – The Lesbian Venue in Chueca

Fulanita de tal  

Fulanita ( Fulanita de tal) was inaugurated in December 2004 by the sisters Lara and Ruth Franco.

The first place was in Conde de Xiquena street in Chueca, the famous gay neighbourhood, and it was a lesbian nightclub.

We share a report made in 2010


Fulanita de Tal-Chueca

A few years ago he moved to Calle Regueros 9, across the Plaza de Chueca and changed his style. Now it has two environments:

The bar side with armchairs, where you can have the first beer of the night, some cover and chat.

And, in the background, an area where there are concerts on weekends and, after 23:00, we can enjoy a cocktail bar.


Fulanita de Tal-ChuecaWith almost 13 years of operation, it is the reference point of the lesbian environment of Chueca, where the LGTB and hetero environment are confused in the same space.

Located almost in the limit of the district of Chueca, its public is mostly of girls but it is gay, trans, heterofriendly.

They open from Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm to 3am.

Fulanita VIP

 The owners of Fulanita de Tal, in 2011, opened “Fulanita VIP”, a place with a style similar to the original Fulanita ,  that opens its doors on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 6 in the morning so that girls coming out of Fulanita de Tal can go dancing at Fulanita VIP

Fulanita VIP - TravelqueersFulanita de Tal-Chueca


Fulanita VIP  is located on Calle Pelayo 82, around Fulanita, so we can spend all night between the two places without disturbing us.

We leave the map of the two “Fulanitas” so you do not lose


The Fulanita team also organizes a football championship for LGBT women. An amateur league for the lesbian collective with more than 400 players and 24 teams, which has become an event nationally and has served as an example for the lesbians of other cities.

Watcvh  the promotional video of the European Tournament 2016

If you have been to Fulanita leave us a comment!!!

And if you are in Chueca, do not forget to visit the Berkana Bookstore.


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