The Best Lesbian Festivals 2018-Shall we go?

The Best Lesbian Festivals 2018

You’ve never been to a Lesbian Festival? Are you going on vacation and want to meet LGBT women? Do you feel like being in a place where they don’t label you? Here you will find the best Lesbian Festivals of 2018. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and your pocket. There’s something for everyone. From the most “party-loving” to the most elegant, including speakers and panels on current lesbian community issues.

The Dinah Festival

the-dinah-2018-TravelqueersThe first Lesbian Festival of the year is held in Palm Springs, USA, and is known as The Dinah although the official name is Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend.

The Dinah is considered the largest Lesbian Party in the United States and the world. That weekend, more than 15,000 women meet around the pool and in the various day and night leisure facilities.

For more information about the festival click The Dinah


L-Beach Festival

Travelqueers-L-BEACH GermanyA few days later, L-Beach begins. During a weekend, the resort “Weissenhäuser Strand” is occupied exclusively by women. Workshops, cinema, meetings, outdoor classes, concerts … A beach in the north of Germany to enjoy the beginning of spring.


For more information about this  Festival, click L- L-Beach


Velvet Ibiza

Velvet-Ibiza-2018 - travelqueersFor several years it has been the reference Lesbian Festival. created by Carine De Mesmaeker, organizer of the well-known party Velvet 69 (Brussels).

There we can relax by the pool, sunbathe and meet women of different nationalities, age and interests.


For more information about this  click  Velvet Ibiza,



L-Fest del Mar 2018 - TravelqueersL-Fest is actually two Lesbian Festivals.

In June the L-Fest del Mar  is celebrated, organized by the legendary L-Fest.

It will be held in Spain, more precisely in the Murcia region. They offer us a week of fun. There will be pool parties and live music.

All activities and performances will be carried out by lesbian women.


L-Fest 2018 - TravelqueersIf we like the countryside, L-Fest organizes its classic festival in July, in a charming place facing the sea, in Wales.

There is the possibility of camping or staying in a hotel, both with an impressive view. This renowned festival hosts acts of lesbian music, art and comedy.

For more information click  L-Fest festivals,


Girlie Circuit Festival

Girlie Circuit 2018 - TravelqueersThe Girlie Circuit Festival arrives in mid-August. The only completely urban festival that takes place in Barcelona.

For six days more than 10,000 girls from different parts of the world will enjoy all kinds of activities: beach, culture, sports, LGTB city tours, entertainment during the day and the Girlicious Girls Party at night.

And this year they turn ten years old!

For more information about the tenth click Girlie Circuit festival.



Ella-Festival-Summer-2018-TravelqueersAlso in August the Festival Ella Festival is celebrated on the island of Mallorca.

This meeting is focused on middle-aged women. Meetings are scheduled where important speakers touch topics sensitive to our community, there is a gastronomic route, wine tasting, dinners, yoga sessions … and also night outings.

We have interviewed one of the people in charge of the Festival, you can see more information and the interview click

Ella Festival.



Sappho-Festival-TravelqueersSeptember is the time for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, intersex and women who question the heteronorma to go to the Sappho Festival on the island of Lesbos, which as we all know, gives rise to the word “lesbian“.

Lesbians have been going to Lesbos since the 1950s, attracted to the birthplace of Sappho, the Greek poet who wrote about her love for women.

They are a relaxed holiday in the beautiful Greek village of Skala Eressos and a Lesbian Festival, two in one.

The crowded events program includes women-only hikes and sunset cruises, art and culture, boat trips to the hot springs, relaxation workshops, beach volleyball, DJs and live music, Greek dance classes and film screenings.

The Lesbian Festival will take place, during two weeks, at mid-September.

The final program is not yet. We will share it when it is available.

For more information click  SAPPHO FESTIVAL.


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