LesGaiCineMad-2017 – Gay, lesbian, trans, queer films.

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If you live in Madrid or plan to visit Madrid, between October 26th and November 12th you will be able to enjoy the LesGaiCineMad-2017, the most important LGBTQ film festival of the Spanish-speaking countries, organized for more than 20 years by the Fundación Triángulo.

The 2017 edition will show the winning films from the Sundance, Cannes, Berlin and San Sebastian festivals.  

In total, 114 films will be shown in the 21 official venues of the Community of Madrid, including the Sala Berlanga, Cineteca, Instituto Francés de Madrid, Casa América, Alcalá 31, the municipalities of Rivas Vaciamadrid, Coslada and Leganés or the four most important public universities in the province: Complutense, Carlos III, Rey Juan Carlos and Autonoma de Madrid.

Long films

The following are some of the LesGaiCineMad-2017 titles that address lesbian and transgender relationships:

Baka Bukas (Maybe Tomorrow)

Baka Bukas - Travelqueers

Directing: Samantha Lee (Filipinas)
Cast: Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Louise delos Reyes, Kate Alejandrino

Synopsis: Alex is a twenty-something year old creative based in Manila. She is out to most people except her best friend, Jess, who she has been secretly in love with since they were kids. When Jess discovers the truth about Alex, they are forced to confront the feelings they have for each other..

Saturday 28: 20:00 in Sala Berlanga / Saturday 11: 21:30 in Cineteca Azcona

–  –  –


Close-Knit - Travelqueers

Directing: Naoko Ogigami (Japón)
Cast: Tôma Ikuta, Kenta Kiritani, Rin Kakihara

Synopsis:  Rinko is a transgender woman with a heart of gold. Her boyfriend Makio was captivated by her heart and accepts her for who she is. And a lonely girl named Tomo suddenly appeared in their life. This is the story of sixty heartwarming days in the life of these three individuals who each find their own happiness amid the blooming cherry blossoms of spring. One of the first Japanese films to feature a main character belonging to a sexual minority.

Saturday 4: 19:00 in Cineteca Azcona / Saturday 11: 19:00 in Cineteca Azcona

–  –  –


Embrasse-moi - Travelqueers

Directing: Océanerosemarie y Cyprien Vial (Francia)
Cast: Océanerosemarie, Alice Pol, Michèle Laroque, Grégory Montel, Isaach de Bankolé

Synopsis: Océanerosemarie is brimming over with life, friends, and, above all, ex-girlfriends. But she has just met Cécile, the “this-time-it’s-for-real” woman of her dreams; although, she hasn’t really asked Cécile what she wants. It’s time for Océanerosemarie to grow up a little if she wants to win Cécile over. But will she actually be capable of doing so?

Sunday 5: 17:00 in Cineteca Azcona / Thursday 9: 19:00 in Cineteca Azcona /
Friday 10: 20:00 in Instituto Francés

–  –  –

Signature Move

Signature Move - Travelqueers

Directing: Jennifer Reeder (Estados Unidos)
Cast: Fawzia Mirza, Shabana Azmi, Sari Sanchez, Audrey Francis

Synopsis: Signature move is a comedic and heartfelt look at modern families and the complexities of love in its many forms. Zaynab is a Pakistani, Muslim lawyer living in Chicago who begins a new romance with Alma, a confident Mexican-American woman.

Sunday 29: 18:00h in Sala Berlanga / Monday 6: 19:00h in Alcalá 31

–  –  –

The Misandrists

The Misandrists - TravelqueersDirecting: Bruce LaBruce (Alemania)
Cast: Susanne Sachsse, Viva Ruiz, Kembra Pfahler

Synopsis: The misandrists refers to a secret cell of feminist terrorists that is planning to liberate women, overthrow the patriarchy, and usher in a new female world order. The group is led by Big Mother, who operates a school for wayward girls in the countryside as a front for a radical terrorist cell. When a young man, a radical leftist, who is running from the police, happens upon this remote female stronghold, one of the girls takes pity on him and hides him in the basement. His presence eventually disrupts the household and reveals a number of unexpected secrets.

Tuesday 31: 22:00h in Sala Berlanga / Sunday 5: 21:30h in Cineteca Azcona

–  –  –


Satyavati - Travelqueers

Directing: Deepthi Tadanki (India)
Cast: Iti Acharya, Shwetha Gupta, Som Nayak

Synopsis: When you are shunned and looked down upon for non-conformance, there is nowhere to go. When your protector has become the threat, there is nowhere to go. When the crime gets legitimized in the garb of tradition, there is nowhere to go. SATYAVATI is a story that takes place in today’s times where tenderness and innocence come under attack and all that remains is a scar.

Monday 30: 18:00h in Sala Berlanga / Friday 10: 17:00h in Cineteca Azcona

–  –  –  –  –  –  –

Parallel activities

Within the context of LesGaiCineMad-2017, complementing the cinematic offer and with the aim of claiming respect, equality and diversity in our society, more than 40 parallel activities have been organized that deal with different artistic, social and cultural expressions, including painting, photography, sport, health or activism. These activities will address topics such as feminism, transgender children, older LGBT people or migrants and refugees, which will also be addressed through different colloquia, debates and round tables.

Click on the image to know the activitiespara conocer las actividades

LesGaiCineMad - Actividades - 2017 - Travelqueers

Here you can download the HAND PROGRAMME of the LesGaiCineMad-2017.


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