Madrid for Lesbians. Lesbian Nightlife in Lavapiés

Madrid for lesbians. Lesbian Nightlife in Lavapiés 

At the beginning of the 90’s, when Chueca began as an LGTB neighborhood and opened up bars, shops and restaurants decorated with the Rainbow flag, Lavapiés was already a Lesbian Friendly neighborhood.

At that time I lived in Lavapiés and frequented the premises, run by women, who changed too quickly. Actually to this day the only one still open is one of madrid’s first lesbian clubs, the mythical Medea Lesbian Club (now renamed “El 33” because it is on Calle Cabeza nº 33)

Although it has been a long time, I still remember that it was almost mandatory to close Madrid Lesbian Nightlife at Medea..

This neighborhood was also the cradle of the collective LGTBQ the Radical Gai and the LSD, which was called in different forms, (Lesbians Without Doubts, Lesbians Especially Different, Lesbians Without Money, Lesbians Spread, etc).

Just as in Chueca are most of the gay bars, it is in Lavapiés that it concentrates the most “bares de ambiente” as they are called colloquially the bars directed to the lesbian girls, queer, dykes. That is not by chance, the lesbians have settled in this neighborhood, more alternative and for people with less purchasing power than Chueca.

Our reporter Pilar, has gone around the neighborhood and we recorded in the following video.

In this video we propose three places of atmosphere in what to have a good time with majestic girls. We started at “La Mala Mujer”, we had a beer in “On the Rous” and ended the night in “La Berenjena”.

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Calle Mesón de Paredes, 76 – Metro Lavapiés

“La Mala Mujer” is a feminist meeting space where you can share life experiences and visions of the world while you eat or drink something, and carry out activities mainly directed to the likes, interests and concerns of women, dykes and trans.



Calle Marqués de Toca – Metro Antón Martín

We can find good music, very nice waitresses, girls and good tapas !! (As it entails the griddle, fake risotto, tuna tataki …) There are two tables in the background as if it were a reserved to isolate the staff or you can also snack or have a drink made with love at the bar and thus to alternate with the friendly people who fill the premises. From 23 hs down lighting, music up and toast to the good atmosphere!



ON THE ROUS – Calle San Simón, 3 – Metro Antón Martín CLOSED


For a few months Rosa has been waiting for us with good music and a cozy atmosphere.
Awesome toasted cheese and ham serrano.
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