Maspalomas, Gay and Lesbian Destination all year round in the Canary Islands

When we speak of Maspalomas Gay and Lebian destination we refer to the area from Playa del Ingles to Playa de Maspalomas.

Playa del Ingles is about 25 km from the airport and there are buses that take you directly to € 3.75 each way. A little further south is Maspalomas.

Mapa de Playa del Inglés y Maspalomas

The bulk of the hotel offer is in Playa del Inglés, especially for young people and LGBT tourists. There are lots of exclusive resorts for the male audience. But we have found one that is for gays and lesbians!!!

We met the director of this complex, Jaime Baelo in the last Fitur LGBT and he told us the initiative to direct his offer to the group of lesbians. So we’ll have to pay him a visit. It is 300 meters from the beach and 600 meters from Yumbo Centrum.


Maspalomas destinto gay y lésbico



Click on the image to get more information about “Los Almendros”.



The Yumbo Centrum (54, United States Avenue, 35100, Gran Canaria) is a commercial center that, at night, becomes the epicenter of the march for gays and lesbians. The lesbian vibe has been diluted enough … Ayyy, girls…

In Yumbo bars occasionally appear and disappear, but really there is none consolidated. Nowadays in Gran Canaria special events are organized like those of +qTriBiaLes

We shared a video of our visit to the Yumbo:


We go to the beach…

Maspalomas destino para gays y lesbianas

Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas are the two ends of a sand tongue that stretches for 5.5 km of fine sand and unspoilt dunes.

It is located 50 km from Las Palmas, the capital of the island and has the peculiarity that there is about 5º more temperature and is almost always clear, so you can be in Las Palmas with a bit of cool and cloudy and go to Maspalomas and find yourself with a great beach day.

Playa del Ingles is the beach with a more familiar atmosphere favored by its proximity to the apartments and the Yumbo shopping center. The beach of Maspalomas, on the other hand, with its nudist zone is the main destination of almost all the gay tourism that arrives at Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas gay y lésbico
The beach stretches from the Maspalomas Lighthouse to the tip where Playa del Inglés begins.

Along this long beach you will find an environment less and less familiar as you move away from the lighthouse. There are several bars or kiosks that will help you to orientate you as they are numbered.


Maspalomas lesbian friendly

From nº 4 begins the nudist zone and nº 7 is located the gay zone. Known as “El Siete” is marked with a gay flag and is carried by Inma, an icon of the Gran Canaria LGBT.

Although there are few girls, there are those that go to the hammocks of “El Siete”.
To the left and right of the chiringito there are many hammocks, they cost € 5 all day, although from 17 hours are free. The problem is that it is the time that closes the kiosk. Although there are hammocks most people like to throw themselves in the towels closer to the sea.

On the left side, in a much calmer atmosphere, you will find couples, lesbians and in general people who come more to sunbathe to flirt with guys in balls. By the way, it is an area without lifeguards so you have to be very cautious when entering the sea.

Here is the video of our visit to the Kiosk of Inma.

Almost every day of the year there are people in the Seven, but the proportion of Spaniards increases a lot on weekends, when canaries come from the rest of the island. The high season runs from October to January, especially at Christmas, and during Pride (May).

There are four ways to reach to “El Siete”:

  1. From the lighthouse. It is the usual and the simplest form. If you’re staying near the Lighthouse or Meloneras, it’s as easy as starting the walk from the lighthouse or the nearby Oasis Mall, heading east.
  2. Crossing the Dunes. It’s a bit more complicated, but it’s also the shortest. If you stay in the gay area of ​​Playa del Inglés (De Tirajana Avenue and surroundings), it will also be the closest access to your apartment. Access is through the Riu Palace Maspalomas hotel, at the beginning of the avenue. Ask for there how to get there but, attention, if it is a hot day, walking between the dunes is like traversing the desert. The face of the people arriving at the beach by that way is a poem.
  3. You can also walk from Playa del Ingles but are 3 km one way and another as many as back.

Maspalomas gay and lesbian destination

If you do not want to walk a lot or you are in Las Palmas there are buses (the guaguas) that go to Mapalomas from the station of San Telmo or Playa del Inglés. We leave you the hours of line 50.

Returning from the beach to the lighthouse you will find the Oasis Shopping Center on a bar called Strand Apotheke (Antonio & Carmelo).

It is one of the last bars of the commercial center, with entrance from the beach and with a brand new rainbow flag to be seen from afar.

We leave you a video of our “technical stop” at Antonio & Carmelo’s bar.

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If you go to Gran Canaria, do not forget to visit the neighborhood of Vegueta and the “atmosphere” sites of the city.



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