What are lesbian women like? – Survey

SURVEY ON LESBIANS IN EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA The Europeanlesbianconference has just launched a European and Central Asian survey on lesbian women. The survey is in English and needs to be disseminated among the lesbian community in Spain so that lesbians living in Spain (Spanish or not) are also part of this large sample. Next […]

Malaga Gay Les, Enjoy Lesbian Nightlife

Málaga Gay Les Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, as it was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century. It is not surprising that Malaga is a city full of art, where you can enjoy exhibitions dedicated to glass and glass, classic cars, contemporary installations and, of course, the work […]

The Best Lesbian Festivals 2018-Shall we go?

The Best Lesbian Festivals 2018 You’ve never been to a Lesbian Festival? Are you going on vacation and want to meet LGBT women? Do you feel like being in a place where they don’t label you? Here you will find the best Lesbian Festivals of 2018. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and your […]

Maspalomas Gay Pride 2018 – Gran Canaria

The LGBT Pride of Maspalomas The Maspalomas Gay Pride, which will take place between May 3 and 13, 2018, is the main LGBT event in the Canary Islands and the second most important event in Spain, just behind the Madrilenian. This festival is organized since 2001, growing annually in size and diversity, counting in 2016 […]

Barcelona para Lesbianas. Lesbian Nightlife

Visit Our LGBT Events Calendar Barcelona para Lesbianas. Lesbian Nightlife: The best review of lesbian places in Barcelona and Urban Festivals for Lesbians. The Eixample district is the one with the largest concentration of gay bars, so much, that is known as the Gaixample. But, it is true that from a few years to this part […]

Madrid – Eat in Lavapiés Lesbian Friendly

                                                                                     Madrid – Eat in Lavapiés Lesbian Friendly Do you live in Madrid or are you sightseeing in Lavapiés and want to find lesbian-friendly places? Well, we’ll tell you that Lavapiés is full of places to eat and snack. From La Berenjena with a delicious menu to La Oveja Negra, a vegan restaurant with a […]

Carmen Laforet y Elena Fortún. De corazón y alma

                                                                                                     No te pierdas ningún evento, pincha en la  Agenda LGBT Carmen Laforet y Elena Fortún. De corazón y alma (1947-1952) Editado por la Fundación Banco Santander es la  correspondencia entre dos escritoras excepcionales. 46 cartas en busca del sentido de la vida, cartas literarias, espirituales, cartas de amor… Carmen Laforet, la autora de NADA, tenía […]