About Travelqueers

Travelqueers. A space for lesbians and queer people

Travelqueers is a web project for the lesbian and trans women  and for the LGBTQI  collective.
Searching for  “lesbian friendly” places is difficult due to its scarcity and dispersion, which makes it hard  to plan a LGTBQI friendly trip.
Is for that we decided to create a site to provide a meeting point for queer girls.
Our site provides  information about  lesbian friendly places in the most important cities in Spain and abroad and we working  our best for the visibility of our collectivo.
We also provide cultural information and other interesting websites for lesbian and trans women.
In Travelqueers we have as mission to promote,  boost and make visible lesbians and trans collective, in particular, and the LGBTQI collective in general.
If you have information about places for lesbians or LGTBQI, please share!
You can contact us through  our contact form.