ZINEGOAK – Festival de cine LGTB de Bilbao

Zinegoak, the gaylesbotrans International Film and Performing Arts Festival of Bilbao

Zinegoak was created in 2004 as a tool to raise awareness through culture, film and the performing arts.

Zinegoak - Travelqueers

This event is annual, usually held in February in the city of Bilbao and in March in a large number of Basque localities; In its 13 years of travel, Zinegoak has become a benchmark of international LGBT festivals.

We had the pleasure of participating with a short documentary, in 2015, noting the thrust and camaraderie of the volunteers of the Hegoak Association, organizer of the Festival.

Pres. Zinegoak - Travelqueers

You can see here the complete catalog of the Festival Zinegoak


We highlight in this edition the talk lecture by Hassan Kamoga and Violeta Assiego.

Queer Kampala - Travelqueers

Hassan Kamoga is director of Queer Kampala, the LGTB film and performing arts festival in Uganda, where homosexuality is illegal and persecuted. In this environment, last December took place the first edition of this festival.

Violeta Assiego is a lawyer, specializing in hate crimes based on sexual orientation and identity, and activist for LGTB rights.

Together, they will provide us with an opportunity to get a first-hand view of the reality of Uganda and other African countries in relation to LGTB rights.


Zinegoak Variedades - TravelqueersIn addition, we propose an excellent programming as an aperitif to the Festival:

On Friday 17, LGTB WebSeries, including the lesbian Web Series “Notes A Party”, and a tour of the LGTB Video Games, by Gaymer.

Saturday 18, Variety night, with Txus Garcia and Alicia Ramos. Soothing tonight, Pikara Magazine and Sare Lesbiansita.


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